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Leap of Reason

Leap of Reason: Managing to Outcomes in an Era of Scarcity

Leap of Reason, a publication of Venture Philanthropy Partners, is the product of decades of management insights from philanthropist Mario Morino, McKinsey & Company, and more than a dozen experts and practitioners. Now in its fourth printing, the book is inspiring leaders to take BOLD ACTION to create more meaningful, measurable good for those they serve 

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Money Smarts

Money Smarts for Turbulent Times  

When it comes to family conflict, money is at the top of the list. Are the money gremlins at your door? Do you feel that you could be underwater financially? Does your money run out before the end of the month?  In this multi-award winning book, Dr. Judith Briles lays out a doable 30-day plan to get you and your family back on track … or started on the track in the first place! If you have kids, there’s three day’s designed for teaching your kids about money. You get the pdf—there’s action to do each day… some take five minutes; others an hour. You and your financial plan will be grateful. You are welcome.

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