The Sustainable Nonprofit

The Sustainable Nonprofit by Debbie Wilde

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You need this book for many reasons ...

You need to sleep at night without worrying about where to get the dollars to keep your organization afloat. You need to be able to depend on a competent staff and an engaged board of directors. You need to know that your effort is resulting in a real, measurable difference. 

Find clear, proven shortcuts for your nonprofit leadership needs. The Sustainable Nonprofit puts you light years ahead of other organizations that will continue on the treadmill of simply trying to keep their doors open. Reduce your stress. Increase your productivity. Buy this book now to help you enjoy being the best!

You will learn how to ...

  • Attract and keep quality staff.

  • Create new models and sources for fundraising.

  • Find practical and useable methods to create and track accountability.

  • Maintain an engaged board of directors.

  • Balance the business of the nonprofit with producing quality programs.

People are Talking ...

About the Book  
Mark & Cynthia Moe Feinknopf

In story after story of Debbie Wilde's leadership experience, her humility, vitality and humor shine as beacon and guide to collaborative and devoted effort.  Reflecting her high value for self-awareness, transparency, inclusion, and respect, her actions model the ancient tenets "Know thyself" and "To thine own self be true,". The inspirational result is Debbie's living and leading in harmony with and in dedication to her own and her organization's values - avoiding the undercurrents of discontent and unease that so often preclude sustainability.

Mark & Cynthia Moe Feinknopf, Sacred Space Inc, Atlanta, GA

Sacred Space Inc.

Dr. Patrick Williams

Debbie Wilde's new book, THE SUSTAINABLE NONPROFIT  is such a useful book, full of her 'Wilde Wisdom' and stories from years of experience with the ups and downs and ins and outs of the nonprofit environment. Leading my own nonprofit for several years has had its own challenges as the vision was mine, but I need a strong organization and culture to get it bigger and more visible to the communities and organizations we serve. This extremely useful and practical book by Debbie, informs, challenges, educates, and motivates all with deceptive simplicity .....which I love.

- Dr. Patrick Williams
Founder of Coaching the Global Village

Becoming a Professional Life Coach: Lessons from The Institute for Life Coach Training

Professional Life Coach

Bill Shirley, BT MCC The Sustainable Nonprofit is for those leaders in the non-profit
business sector—Board members and Executive Staff—who are
determined to make good things happen in their organizations.
While most books offering non-profit leadership guidance are
written by academics doing research, this is the rare book
written by someone who has “been there!” DebbieWilde’s
story is a practical, pragmatic path through the vast, poorly
charted non-profit wilderness.

—Bill Shirley, BT MCC
Executive Leadership Coach—In Search of Eagles, Inc.
In Search of Eagles, Inc.

Debbie Wilde’s book and work is ideal for the challenging times that many nonprofits face. Not only does The Sustainable Nonprofit include a variety of strategies for the leadership team, it includes viable ideas that will immediately connect with staff. Woven with stories and guidance from her mentors over 30 years, there’s a reason why the organizations she has led have had exceptional outcomes. If you want your nonprofit to evolve from “We are making it” to “We are doing Swell” to “WOW!” Debbie Wilde and The Sustainable Nonprofit are your guides. 

Judith Briles, Chief Visionary Officer, Author U

Sue Anschutz-Rodgers


If you want to grow your nonprofit organization, this book
is a must read! With my extensive background as a Colorado
philanthropist, I have a great deal of respect for Debbie’s
leadership abilities, and this book will definitely provide
insight as to why!

—Sue Anschutz-Rodgers
Chair and President—Anschutz Family Foundation

Anschutz Family Foundation

Jinny Ditzler


If you’re a Nonprofit Leader who longs to build an
organization that really delivers on its Mission, this is the book
for you. DebWilde shares how she did just that over the past
30 years, and her story is compelling as well as inspirational.
Best of all, she gives you a precise, step-by-step roadmap to
get from where you are to where you want to be—making the
difference that you want to make.

—Jinny Ditzler, author of Your Best Year Yet!
Founder of Best Year Yet
Your Best Year Yet!

Brad Stevenson


I liked The Sustainable Nonprofit a lot. The narrative/storytelling
style kept me engaged, and interested in the material… while
the practical guidance was on target, clear, instructive. This is
great writing, excellent style, simple reading and entertaining
… with powerful/pragmatic messages.

—Brad Stevenson
Principal—Aligned Insight/Humanetic Consulting
Aligned Insight/Humanetic Consulting

About Debbie Wilde's Leadership
Jeff Pryor, EdD DebbieWilde links passion and strategy. Her determination
to inspire invites so many across the threshold to embrace
the work of her organization, YouthZone. She is a wizard in
reaching out and involving people, sharing the mission and
creating solid expectations for performance from the youth to
the board president. In challenging economic times, YouthZone
has wrestled with the realities and with solid involvement from
so many and has excelled in leadership and sustainability.

—Jeff Pryor, EdD
Co-Founder & CEO—Pathfinder Solutions
Pathfinder Solutions

John Bosco


When YouthZone experienced huge reductions in government
funding, many would have simply folded up their tent in
defeat and quietly slipped away. Debbie never blinked, but
instead found solutions. More importantly, she has an innate
skill of making change happen for the good. In spite of these
seemingly impossible challenges that would, to most, translate
into only negative changes, Debbie has somehow turned them
into opportunities and has actually made YouthZone a stronger
organization because of it.

—John Bosco
CFO Hot Springs Lodge and Pool—
YouthZone Board Member



About Debbie Wilde as a Speaker and Consultant…

Debbie Wilde has been a constant voice for nonprofits on the
Western Slope. She has helped the organization to maintain and
build relationships with nonprofits in that part of the state as
well as organize programs such as our Statewide Workshops…
and our first annual Spring Conference in Grand Junction.

—Colorado Nonprofit Association
Nonprofit Colorado Newsletter
Colorado Nonprofit Association


I want to thank you for the terrific job you did at our Advocate
Safehouse Retreat.
You kept the ball rolling—as well as flying!
It was a fun retreat as well as productive. Your topics, pace and
humor were admired by all!

I know we still have a lot of work to do but we now have a
handle on the direction we need to go. Thanks so much for
your time, effort and energy on behalf of children in this valley.
We are fortunate to have you in our community.

—Nancy Reinisch
Board President—Advocate Safehouse

Lynn Russell
Thanks for the great presentation at our board meeting.
I am always proud to show you and your organization off
as examples of the best in administration, service, programs
and leadership. I’ve heard only raves from every board
member. You are the person I hold up as the model of the
nonprofit manager.

—Lynn Russell
Former Executive Director—
Aspen Community Foundation

DebbieWilde did a fantastic job. My board was so pleased
with our results, they were “all a buzz” at my house last
evening. We really got aligned around the impact we are
making and what we want to be about. And, they understood
it and embraced it. Debbie really got them there.

—Terri Anuszewski
Former Executive Director—Roaring Fork Leadership

Roaring Fork Leadership

Mary Carr


Thank you so much for participating in our Restorative Justice
video project! You gave a really well-rounded testimony of how
restorative justice can transform how a community deals with
things and even how restorative justice can bring communities
closer together.

—Mary Carr
Program Director
State of Colorado Restorative Justice Council Project

State of Colorado Restorative Justice Council Project

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